Inorganic Plant Growth & Protection


A Ready to use, pH Controlled Bordeaux Mixture Powder / Semi Liquid Form Bordeaux mixture is an age old & proven means of fungal diseases on every crop. It is used for many years in the past as most effective & economical measure in control & cure of fungal disease.Bordofast is a water dispersible, micronised powder wirh a good soluility & persistence its pH is controlled by special chemicals to 7(Neutral) so that formulation provides a superior "shock" effect on most fungi & an overall effciency in the field.

Bordofast - A ready to use Bordeaux Mixture in semi liquid form

Blue Power

Fungicide For All Crops

Contents : P as P2O5, Copper, Biocide, Fillers Blue Power is effective remedy for Downey Mildew, Powdery Mildew as well as black spots & soil borne fungi infections. It is recommended for crops, Pomegranate, Orange, Mango, Tomato, Potato, Carbage, Lady Finger etc. Blue Power is a mixture of Copper & Phosphorous as (P2O5) The Copper present in Blue Power acts as Powerful Fungicides While Phosphorous acts as Plant Nutrient & acts as dieases resistant medium.

Blue Power - Copper and Phosphorous based diseases resistant formulation with nutrient supply .


Silteck is silicon based product. It makes availability of nutrients to the plant. It Improves photosynthesis and prevents vaporization of water molecules and reduces rate of transpiration. Hence leaf size increases. Silteck protects plants from scorching or sunburn it also protects plants from attack of insects like aphids, jassids, thrips, white fly, mites, stem barer, shoot borer etc.