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Welcome To Swaroop Agrochemical Industries

Brief History :

"Welcome to Swaroop Agrochemical Industries, takes pride in being a member of esteemed associations such as PMFAI, IMMA, AIM, MNA, and IAPGP, reflecting our dedication to industry excellence.. "Established in 1993 by Mr. Sameer Pathare, a Chemical Engineer from Mumbai, Swaroop Agrochemical Industries has grown to become a distinguished player in the agrochemical sector. The company, an ISO 9001 - 2015 Certified entity, embarked on its journey with the trading and re-packaging of chemicals and hormones essential for grape cultivation, focusing on the grape cultivation belt in Maharashtra. Over the years, our commitment to quality and innovation has propelled us to the forefront of the industry. Swaroop Agrochemical Industries As we continue to evolve, our mission remains steadfast – providing farmers with cutting-edge and sustainable solutions for enhanced crop yield and quality.

The overwhelming response led to the development of proprietary products and the establishment of an R & D laboratory. Today, Swaroops product range now encompasses BIO-ORGANIC FERTILIZERS, NATURAL AND CERTIFIED ORGANIC PRODUCTS, MICRO-NUTRIENTS, 100% NATURAL HERBAL PESTICIDES, SPECIALITY INORGANIC AGROCHEMICALS, and PESTICIDES. Swaroop manufactures around 50+ products which find application on almost all types of Field Crops, Vegetables, Cash Crops, Floriculture and Horticulture crops.

Swaroop holds patents for products like G-5 Bio-organic Granules, HUMIGEL, and AEGIS. VETONEMA is in the process of obtaining a patent. The company manufactures Certified Organic and 100% Natural Organic products adhering to NPOP Standards certified by NOCA (PUNE), affiliated with APEDA (Government of India).

Supported by an advanced in-house SWAROOP ANYLATICAL LABORATORY, equipped with cutting-edge equipment, the company provides subsidized testing services for farmers leaf, soil, and water samples, approved by the Government of Maharashtra. our laboratory underscores our commitment to delivering reliable and science-backed agricultural products to benefit farmers and promote sustainable farming practices.


The plant and corporate office is Located in Satpur MIDC area in Nashik, Maharashtra, the plant benefits from easy access to labor, water, electricity, and transportation. Swaroop operates through a robust multi-state marketing strategy with branch offices across India and a strong dealer/distributor network.


Swaroop is actively involved in multi-state marketing throughout India, with branch offices established in respective states. The company operates through a robust dealer/distributor network on a PAN-India basis, covering agriculturally potent states. To ensure efficient distribution and administration, Swaroop has strategically set up branch offices and godowns in all states across India, supported by a strong workforce of over 500 individuals.

In addition to its widespread presence, Swaroop extends its operations in Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, and Assam through a dedicated sole selling marketing setup with local distributors. The company is also focused on further expanding its network in Punjab, Haryana, Chhattisgarh, and the North East states, with ongoing development initiatives to strengthen its footprint in these regions.


Swaroop initiated its export operations in 2008, primarily focusing on South Asian countries, including China, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. The company has further expanded its global outreach to include Europe and African countries. To facilitate and streamline its international trade, Swaroop collaborates with an associate based in Bangkok, ensuring effective distribution and support in various regions. This strategic approach enables Swaroop to deliver its agricultural products to a diverse and global customer base.


Swaroop embarked on a new vertical endeavor in 2007 by establishing a Home Garden Division tailored for Garden Centers and Plant Nursery Centers in Metros and A+ cities across India. This initiative operates under the banner of 'SWAROOP’S HOME GARDEN SHOPPEE.'

Swaroop Home Garden Shoppee have selected certain ORGANIC /HERBAL products from the range of products for the Home Gardens and have already introduced the same in Metros like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and also in major cities like Pune , Hyderabad, Nagpur, Kolkata etc. Swaroop is in process of establishing dealer’s network as well as supply to Super Markets in Metros as well as other A and B Grade cities all over India. The Company have also initiated an unique concept of PLANT DOCTOR for urban garden lover.

Representation in Agro Industry:

Mr. Sameer Pathare, CEO, actively contributes to the industry through associations like IMMA and AIM, playing a crucial role as Honorary SECRETARY. To meet growing demands, Swaroop plans to set up a state-of-the-art plant on the Mumbai-Agra National Highway, 20 km from Nashik.

For all things bio stimulant, herbal bio stimulant, manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters, Swaroop Agrochemical Industries remains a prominent name in Nashik, Mumbai, and throughout India."

Proud Member Of

PMFAI - Pesticides Mfg. & Formulators Association of India
IMMA - Indian Micro Fertilizers Mfg Association
AIM - Agro Inputs Mfg. Association
MNA - Maharashtra Nurserymen Association
IAPGP - Indian Association of Plant Growth Products