Liquid Calcium + Boron

Dazzle is calcium and Boron based special formulation which is very important for development of quality, fleshy, bigger and sweet fruits. It also contains Nitrogen.

Dazzle contain calcium which makes changes in cell membranes and thus improve nutrient transport. Boron improves sugar transport and regulates hormones. Boron is very important in fruiting stage of any crop.

Nitrogen present in Dazzle helps in formation of amino acids, proteins and enzymes.

Dazzle strengthens cell wall in plants and also increases photosynthetic activity.

Dazzle gives bigger size fleshy fruits and increases sweetness of the fruits.

Dazzle gives more firmness to fruits and slower softening. Thus it maintains good quality of fruit during storage. It also prevents splitting and cracking of fruits and increases quality, Shelf life and quality of fruits.

Dosage: Use 2 - 3 ml Dazzle per liter of water.

Time of Application:1 st spray: At flowering or fruit setting stage.
2 nd spray: 15 - 20 days after first spray.
3 rd spray: 15 days after second spray or as per requirement.