Drip Special Products

Drip Irrigation Products

Useful for Drip System Cleaning

Drip Special Products, G5, Potasil, Biogreen, K-up, Humigel, NitrosilL20, Striker, Swazyme

• Accessible entrance of agro inputs in soil and horizontal transmission.
• Active absorption of fertilizers due to "Inbuilt Activators".
• It cleans Drip Irrigation system automatcally due to presence of surfactants in products

General Usage of Drip Special Products
Crop - Vegetable / Cash Crops/ Horticulture

Application :
1st - At the time of Sowing / Germination / Plantation
2nd - At Flowering stage or after 30 days of 1st Application
3rd - At the time of Fruit / boll setting.

Drip Irrigation Products