Equal - Drip Mix


Micronutrient Fertilizer Mixture

Equal is especially formulated Micronutrient mixture for quick & easy uptake of nutrients by plants and to support important biochemical processes in plant body.

Equal is spray dried chelated micronutrient mixture nutrients are fully absorbed and utilized by crop. Hence nutrient are easily and fully absorbed and utilized by the plant.

Benefits : 1. Equal is 100 % Water soluble chelated micronutrient fertilizer.
2. Equal contains all essential & Vital micronutrients.
3. Equal controls micronutrients deficiencies quickly due to its readily available form.
4. Equal activates enzymes and hormones of the plant and thus improves the quality & quantity of produce.
5. Equal makes the crop healthy, increase the crop resistance power to fight against diseases which increases the yield with good quality.

Dosage : Use 2 Kg Equal per Acre for Drip fertigation. (5 Kg per Hectare)

Time of Application : Use it 3 to 4 time during

1st Application : At Crop growth stage
2nd Application : At flowering stage
3rd Application : At fruit setting stage
4th Application : After fruit setting (If required)

For Horticultural crops : Use 4 to 5 times to get good results.