Herbal Miticide


Herbal Miticide
(Effective Mites Control Management)

>Contents: Herbal Extract, Tetradecanoic acid, Essential oils, Solvent.

>Herbal MiticideHerbal Miticide is a natural insecticide containing a mixture of Herbal extracts, Essential oils, Tetradecanoic acid and complex polysaccharides.

>Herbal Miticide is an very effective remedy on Red Mites as well as Juvenile insects, Yellow Mite, Two Spotted Mite, Regal Jumping Spiders, Brown Mites and Beetle Mites, Russet mites, etc.

>Herbal Miticide comes in contact with Mites, it causes their dehydration, disrupts cell membrane and leak cellular contents from their bodies.

>Herbal Miticide causes cell death in Mites.


>Herbal Miticide causes cell death in Mites.

>Herbal Miticidealso acts as a curative measure as it kills Red Mites and other insects when it comes in contact with them.

>Herbal Miticidecontrols Mite infestation for a larger duration due to its residual action. This also reduces numbers of sprays. Brown Mites eat plant leaf as a feed and thus decays cells and eventually crop dies.

>Herbal Miticidekills Brown Mites also and thus protects plant from Mites as well as other insects.

Dosage :-Use 1 to 2 ml / litre of water and spray.

Time of Application :-
Preventive :-

> Early stage of plant. 14 - 20 days interval spray.

Curative :-

>1st spray : At the time of first stage of Mite appearance.

> 2nd spray: Within 3 - 4 days interval after 1st spray. Subsequently 10 - 15 days interval.

In case of High stage of insect appearance:

>Spray 3 times with 3 - 4 days interval.

Subsequently 2 time spray with 4 - 10 days interval.

Available Packing: - 50 Ltr / 200 Ltr (HDPE Drum)