Growth Through Chlorophyll Synthesis

Contents :- Achyranthus Aspera, Crotolaria, Aqua solution
Phytomax is a modern researched and unique product. Phytomax when sprayed on leaves provides phytochemical which are part of Chlorophyll. Hence it acts as a chlorophyll supplement. Chlorophyll in presence of sunlight prepares food for plants by the process of Photosynthesis which in turn gives complete growth of plant. It gives profuse vegetative growth with dark green coloured leaves. It also aids formation of shoots.

Time of Application:
1st spray :- 15 - 20 days after transplantation / germination.
2nd spray :- At flowering or fruit setting stage (20 days after 1st spray).
3rd spray :- As per requirement.

Dosage : 25 ml per 100 litre water