Potassium Silicate 10% Liquid

potassium silicate 10% liquid

Potassium Silicate 10% Liquid
(Silicon based protector & Yield booster)

Potassium Silicate liquid is silicon and phytochemicals-based product

It contains silicon from potassium silicate and phytochemicals present in herbal extract.

Silicon in potassium silicate liquid enhances plant growth, leaf -erectness, photosynthesis & root architecture.

Phytochemicals in potassium silicate liquid forms appositional cell wall in plants & thus protects from attack of pest & fungi.

Potassium silicate liquid promotes self-acquired resistance (SAR) & reduces toxic effect of minerals.

It also increases phosphorous availability & protects plants & enhances quality as well as yield.

Time of Application

1st spray: 15-20 days after transplantation & germination

2nd spray: At flowering & fruiting stage

3rd spray: 15 days after 2nd spray

Dosage : 1 ml per liter of water

Available Packing:- 200 Liter (HDPE Drum)