Root Rot, Nematodes & Termites Control Granules


Root Rot, Nematodes & Termites Control Granules
(Effective control of Root Rot, Nematode & Termites)

Contents : Fruit shell oil, Biocide, Herbal Extract, Bentonite Granules.

>Root Rot, Nematodes & Termites Control Granulesis an unique researched product effective against Root Rot, Nematodes and Termites on Horticulture crops, Vegetables and Cash crops.

Dosage :10 Kg / Acre

Method of Usage :

Preventive Use :

> Apply separately with soil or sand after 3 - 4 days after plantation of sapling/sowing or with 1st ferilizer done by ring method near roots. Repeat after 15 days for minimum two times.

Curative Use :

> Apply as soon as primary symptoms (2-3%) of Root Rot/ Nematodes / Termites are noticed by mixing with soil or sand. Repeat 2/3 times after 15 days interval.

Usefulness :

Anti - fungal –

1) Kills harmful bacteria which forms fungi such as Fugerium & Pitheum.

2) Kills fungi by altering protein synthesis.

> Nematicidal - Kills Nematodes by fumigation & contact.

> Anti - Termite - Kills Termites by contact and ingestion by affecting central nervous system.

> Available Packing:- 25 Kg ( HDPE Bag )