Seaweed Liquid (Brown)


Brown Seaweed 20 % Liquid

Brown Seaweed Extract Liquid is a natural and organic fertilizer that is derived from seaweed. This unique product is designed to provide essential nutrients and minerals to plants, promoting healthy growth and increased yields.

>Seaweed extract is source of essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and trace elements. These nutrients are easily absorbed by plants, ensuring optimal growth and development.

Key Benefits: -

  • improve soil fertility
  • It stimulates flowering, Improve the overall growth & quality of plants
  • Enhance the ability of crop immunity to better resist drought, waterlogging, and low temperatures.
  • Enhance crop disease resistance and induce plants to develop disease resistance.
  • Increase yield and efficacy, promote the content of amino acid
  • Reduce pre-dropping of flowers and fruit

  • Dosage : 1 ml – 2ml per litre of water

    Available Packing:- 200 Liter (HDPE Drum)