Swadhan 0:52:34

Mono Potassium Phosphate 0:52:34

100 % Water Soluble Complex Fertilizer

  • • 100 % water soluble formula with balanced pH which helps feeding all type of crops.
  • • Has an acidic effect on soil, leading to increases availability of micronutrients, phosphorous and potash to plants.
  • • Contains high concentration of Phosphorous and potash in specific ratio to increase plant immunity.
  • • Specially useful for good quality fruits as it imparts good colour, luster, increased size, firmness and better shelf life.

Dosage:-  Suitable for foliar application as well as fertigation Swadhan NPK 0:52:34 is compatible to be used with other fertilizer as well as Pesticides & insecticides.
Foliar spray: 1 kg Swadhan NPK 0:52:34 to be dissolved in 200 L water & spray for one Acre land repeat minimum twice in 10 - 12 days interval.

Broadcasting: Use 2 - 3 Kg per Acre