Swadhan 13:0:45

Potassium Nitrate 13 : 0 : 45

100 % Water Soluble Complex Fertilizer

  • • 100 % water soluble formula with balanced pH which helps feeding all type of crops.
  • • It contains high concentration of Potassium and also balance concentration of Nitrogen. It helps in timely maturity / ripening of produce and also early growth and flowering of plants.
  • • It increases crop’s nutrition value as well as shelf life. The produce can be stored and transported without any damage.
  • • It makes plants more resistant to adverse climatic conditions as well as attack of pests and diseases.
  • • It balances the soil pH to help plants to absorb more Phosphorous along with other necessary nutrients.
  • • It increases weight, colour, size and shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

Dosage:-  Suitable for foliar application as well as fertigation Swadhan NPK 13:0:45 is compatible to be used with other fertilizer as well as Pesticides & insecticides.
.Foliar spray: 1 kg Swadhan NPK 13:0:45 to be dissolved in 200 L water & spray for one Acre land repeat minimum twice in 10 - 12 days interval.  
Broadcasting: Use 2 - 3 Kg per Acre