Vitamin Based Bio Stimulant


Vitamin Based Bio Stimulant
(A Super bio-stimulant for All Crops)

Contents: Blend of Vitamins & Amino acids.

>Vitamin Based Bio Stimulantis Super Bio stimulant for overall development of all crops to enhance yield & quality of produce.

>Vitamin Based Bio Stimulantis recommended for all types of crops for foliar as well as soil application such as grapes, cotton, chillies, groundnut, vegetables etc. for stimulating growth, inducing flowering and thus increase the number of fruits.

>It also gives healthy & vigorous growth with maximum yield. Its effect can be seen for 10-15 days & it can be used along with other fertilizers as well as can be mixed with other pesticides / insecticides / fungicides.

>Vitamin Based Bio Stimulantcan be used on all type of crop for getting high quality produce.

Dosage :-0.5 ml Per litre of water.

Time of Application :-

> 1st spray: At flowering stage.

> 2nd spray: At Fruit setting stage.

> 3rd spray: At fruit development stage. 15 - 20 days after second spray.

Available Packing: - 50 Ltr / 200 Ltr (HDPE Drum)