Micro Nutrient Mixture Fertilizer

ZibocA is a Micro Nutrient Mixture Fertilizer containing Zinc, Boron and Calcium for foliar spray.

ZibocA contains Zinc which stimulates Carbohydrates, Proteins and the DNA formation. Ziboca also has important role in auxin precursor biosynthesis.

Boron in ZibocA gives cell wall strength and development, cell division, fruit and seed development, sugar transport and hormone development.

Calcium plays a binding role in the complex polysaccharides and proteins forming the cell wall. Calcium maintains good fruit quality and minimizes fruit disorders.

Direction for Use :
Mix 3 ml ZibocA per liter of water.
ZibocA can be used when deficiency is observed.

Time of application :

sr. no. Crops Usage
1 Cotton 1st spray : At flowering stage
2nd spray : Bolls setting stage
2 Grapes 1st spray : 21 days after pruning
2nd spray : Before berry setting
3rd spray : After berry setting stage
3 Pomogranate 1st spray : At the time of flowering stage
2nd spray : After fruit setting stage
4 Banana 1st spray : 90 days after planting
2nd spray : 120 days after planting
5 Vegetables 1st spray : At flowering stage
2nd spray : After fruit setting stage.