Herbal Pesticides / Fungicides


ERASE - Concentrated Plant Extract
Erase is liquid formulation based on essential Oils & Herbal extract.It helps in photosynthesis and cell formation. Erase also stimulates important Bio chemical reaction and there by helps to protect plant from various diseases. Essential Oil also repel the attack of insect and pests.
One can Spray Erase on all crops


( Applied for Patent - PATENT PENDING )

- Herbal NANO Technology based for Bacterial Prevention
Aegis is researched , Herbal Nano technology based for Bacterial Infestation Treatment.
Aegis contains nano particles of metallic icons embedded with herbal extract.
Useful for all fruits & Vegetables & crops against bacterial diseases.


Kaizen contains Poliglusam which is the second most important natural Polymer in the world. Poliglusam is present in variety of sea creatures.
Kaizen is used as plant growth enhancer and also as eco friendly substance which boosts innate ability of plants to defend themselves against fungal infections.
Kaizen helps plant to defend against brown, scabby scars, early and late blight, downy and powdery mildew and gray mold.
Kaizen increases photosynthesis, promotes and enhances plant growth, stimulates nutrient uptake, increases germination and sprouting, and boosts plant vigor.
Kaizen can reduce environmental stress due to drought and soil deficiencies, strengthen seed vitality, improve stand quality, increase yields, and reduce fruit decay of vegetables, fruits and citrus crops. Thus it is very useful on Vegetable, horticulture , floriculture and other crops.

Foliar Spray :- Mix 1-2 ml in one litre of water.
For Drenching :- 2-3 ml / lt
1. Spray throughout growing leaves on leaves.
2. When fungal infections are observed.
Repeat after 10-15 days as per requirement.

Zero Mite

Zero Mite is mixture of Herbal Extracts which effectively increases plant's resistance to Mite infestation.
It also acts as curative measure as it kills Red Mites & other insects when it comes in contact with them.
Zero Mite controls Mite infestation for a longer duration due to its residual action. This also reduces number of sprays.


Trinash is an unique researched product effective against Root Rot, Nimatodes and Termites on horticulture crops - Pomogranates, Grapes, Mango, Citrus, Banana etc .
Vegetables - Tomato, Brinjal, Capsicum, Chilies etc. Cash Crops - Cotton, Groundnut, Potato, Jeera, Turmeric, Ginger, Watermelon etc .

Contents : Fruit shell oil, Caltropis , Whole Aloe, Euphorbia, Solvent

Preventive Use :
1) On saplings bed before plantation.
2) Sterile the soil before plantation of saplings by regular dose of 3nash or apply after 3-4 days after the plantation of sapling & repeat after 15 days interval.

Usefulness :
Anti - fungal -
1) Kills harmful bacteria which forms fungi such as Fugerium & Pitheum
2) Kills fungi by altering protein synthesis

Nematicidal -
Kills Nematodes by fumigation & contact.
Anti - Termite -
Kills Termites by contact and ingestion by affecting central nervous system
Trinash - Effective control of Root rot, Nematode & termite by herbal formulation ( Applied for Patent )


Mealy Bug Control by a herbal knockdown formulation.
Prodccts Certified by NPOP Standard As Organic by NOCA

Contents : Different Herbal Extract acting as Herbal Insecticides Ledum (Marsh Tea Extract), Embelia Aribes (Biranga), Vernonia Anthelminitica, Aqua Solution. Milikil is highly concentrated organic researched formulation for effective control of Mealy Bugs on Grapes, Pomegranates, Custard Apple & Vegetables etc. Milikil is contact herbal insecticides. It's constituents dissolve the Waxy coating on Mealy Bugs body & penetrate in to to body and thus killing them. This penetration is not possible with common Insecticides/Pesticides. Spray Milikil twice in 7 days interval and use spreading/penetrating agent such as I-Soap (2ml/It water) in the spray solution for better contact action.It's application is residue free & leaves no spots behind.