Larvil - X
Organic Larvicide

Contents :
Larvil - X is an unique organic insecticide designed for use on insects in the larvael stage.

Especially effective against Armyworms , Leaf miners and Caterpillar.

Larvil - X contains different Alkaloids, Saponins and Phytochemicals.

These contents have both systematic and contact action on larvae.

Mode of Action:

In systemic action it acts on nervous system of the larvae and eventually death. In contact action it dilates the skin of soft bodied pest and finally death occurs. Larvil-X kills broad range of pest insect larvae.


sr. no. Crops Targeted Insects/ Pests
1 Maize Fall Armyworm (FAW)
2 Tomato Leaf miner
3 Chili Leaf eating caterpilar
4 Brinjal Shoot and fruit borer

Time of Application:
Preventive Use:

1st Spray :At Vegetative Stage
2nd Spray :At Flowering Stage
3rd Spray :At Fruit Setting Stage

Curative Use:
Spray Larvil-X as soon as infestation is observed on plants and repeat once or twice after 15 days interval.

Note: Ensure Complete coverage to the plant while spraying.

Compatibilty: Compatible with all fungicides and Insecticides.

Dosage: Spray 3 ml Larvil-X per liter of water