VIRA Foliar & Drip

VIRA Foliar & Drip

VIRA Foliar & Drip

Contain microbial fermented extract which acts as a soil probiotic.

VIRA Foliar & Drip is a researched organic liquid formulation which contains Microbial fermented extract, Humic acid, Seaweed Extract, Myo-inositol plant growth promoter, Amino acids and Vitamins.

lt helps to increase microbial flora in soil which contribute decomposition and make soil more fertile.

lt also causes disease suppression and increase the water and nutrient uptake.

VIRA Foliar & Drip gives balanced nutritional supplement to plant and increases immunity, energy and plant life.

A vitamin, nutrients and Myo-inositol in VIRA Foliar & Drip promotes root formation, acts as building blocks of plant proteins, helps for seed germination and transportation of hormones to target issues of cell and improves plant growth.

Alginic acid of seaweed forms complex with micronutrients for easy absorption by the plant and thus gives healthy growth and increases yield and quality.

VIRA Foliar & Drip protects plant against environmental stress and improve its disease resistance capacity.

Crops: Suitable for all crops including Rice, Cotton, Banana, Grapes, Pomegranate, Apple, Ginger, Sugarcane, Maize, Wheat, Barley, Fruits and Vegetables, Millets, Oilseeds, Omamentals crops, Grasses, Horticultural crops including plantation crops, Perennials, Flowers, Nursery crops, Tomato, Cucumber and Cabbage etc.

Time of Application:

1st Spray: 15-20 days after transplantation.
2"nd Spray: At flowering stage.
3rd Spray: At Fruit Setting Stage.

For Foliar Application - 2 ml / Liter Water.
For Drip irrigation - 1 liter / Acre.

Field Trial Certificate