Micro-Nutrient Mixture Fertilizers

Swafert Micronutrients

Bio - Organic Fertilizers

Powder, Liquid, Soil Application Micronutrients

Contents : Various micronutrients such as Mg, Zn, Fe, Mn, Cu, Mo, B etc in the form of Swafert (Liquid), Swafert (Powder), Swafert (Soil Application)

Note - Swafert in all above forms is manufactured as per various statewise specification & as per FCO 1985
Protect your crop for bumper harvest - Swafert is a mixture of essential trace elements Zinc, Ferrous, Boron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Copper, Magnesium. It supplies balanced nutrition to plants through foliar spray. It helps in better utilization of NPK & also takes care of hidden hungers which can not be easily seen through symptoms on the crops. It thus helps the plant to grow with vigour, produce high yield of better quality as well as quantity.

Swafert Micronutrients

Partially Chelated micro nutrient mixture to overcome hidden hungers of nutrients of all crops .

Powder - 2.5 gm to 5 gm per litre water
Soil - 20 kg Per Hectare


Nutrifast contains various Micro nutrients which are very necessary for plant growth.

It is well balanced multi micronutrient product in liquid form. Nutrifast effectively supplies all the essential trace elements to crop to bring about faster, healthy

Growth of plant with higher yield. It also helps in proper utilization of NPK fertilizers.

Nutrifast increases chlorophyll synthesis thus generating more food for plants

Zincchil & Ferrochil

Straight Chealeted Nutrient

Zincchil (ZnEDTA-12%) and Ferrochil ( FeEDTA 12% ) Chelated nutrients are mainly used when the nutrient deficiencies in plants are of very acute nature. Being in chelated form these nutrients can easily be absorbed by the plant thus fulfilling their need
CHELATION Means Neutralisation of positive (+) ions of Zn+ and Fe+ by reacting with negative (-) ions of chemical such as EDTA by a controlled chemical reaction .Being neutral in nature, these chelated nutrients can easily be absorbed by the plants thereby overcoming their deficiencies. They can also be given through Drip Fertigation.

Zincchil & Ferrochil - Chelated Straight Nutrients of Zinc and Ferrous


Powder, Liquid, Soil Application Micronutrients INOGRANIC SPRAY FOR ACIDIC SOIL

Contents : Various Micro nutrients as specified in by various states in India. Special formulation to overcome Boron & Molybdenum deficiencies in plant. Crops such as chillies, Brinjal, Lady finger, Papaya, Tobacco, Cotton, Watermelon fall pray to curling of leavers due to an acute deficiency of Boron, Molybdenam & Manganese Molymin supplies these essential micro nutrients easily to the plant & thus hepls in healthy & vigorous growth of plant.
Compatibility : It can be mixed with Curlfree (2.5g / Liter) to maximise the results.
Molymin - Partially cheated Micronutrient for micro nutrient supply


Chealated Trace Element Fertilizer Mixture.


Nutrichil is specially formulated for making available Organic Nitrogen from Amino Acids along with Micro nutreints in chelated form to Plant so that they can absorb easily & quickly and brings healthy Growth all around. It increases chlorophyll content and enhances the photosynthesis activity. Nutrichil also helps in Pollination and fruit formation. It also boost up energy metabolism in the Plant. It also helps to overcome stress conditions in plant.


Ferro 6 is chelated Nutrient fertilizer.

Iorn is most important for the respiration & photosynthesis processes and important in many enzymatic system like chlorophyll synthesis. Ferro 6 is easily available as compared to Ferrous sulphate and avoids oxidation and precipitation of Fe+ ions. Thus give instant and fast growth of plant.
Ferro 6 prevent and correct Iron chlorosis in all crops.
Ferro 6 is high quality Iron chelate which contains high quantity Iron bound in ortho form.thus providing effective coverage in Calcareous and Alkaline soils.

Composition - Iron as Fe –EDDHA 6% w/w

Application - it is only for Soil application by Drenching / Drip Irrigation system with sufficient quantum of water or supply directly to the soil.